Kenilworth Massage Therapy Reviews

"I worked with Donna as I prepared for my Mr Universe competition, I saw her twice a week leading up to the show. Not only did she help me to relieve muscle soreness but her thorough massage and fire cupping sessions allowed me to Train with better intensity right up till the competition as never before. I am positive that this was a big factor in me being able to come away with first place. I would highly recommend Donna to anybody that suffers from muscle tension and wants to improve their sporting performance."

Max O'Connor

"In December 2018 I’d just finished a few very busy weeks of performing all over the country. My wrists were hurting so much I began to question if I could continue to work in the new year. Doctors had suggested surgery but that came with months of recovery, and being self employed that was not an option.

A chance meeting with Donna from Kenilworth Massage Therapy lead to me booking a consultation. During this consultation I had everything explained to me in simple terms, and was shown both on my wrists and on charts where the problems were. More importantly, I was reassured that there was a solution that didn’t involve surgery and was given a rough timeline for recovery.


Not only was Donna able to repair the damage quickly, meaning I lost zero income and didn’t have to cancel any shows, she was also able to help me with my ongoing knee and shoulder issues so I could return to competitive fitness!"

Jester Styles

" Donna was recommended to me by my Personal Trainer after having recurring shoulder pain while training. In the past I have had physio and other treatments for this but after a short amount of time the pain and restricted movement returned.


After a few sessions with Donna the movement in the shoulder had increased greatly and the pain had reduced to almost nothing. The benefits I found to regular visits to Donna were that I had increased mobility, I had less muscle fatigue and pain after training and felt that I could harder.


Donna has a wealth of knowledge and experience and this is clear when speaking to her. She quickly got to the route of my issue and has also assisted with other general aches and pains I had been experiencing.


More recently during a session Donna mentioned to me that she had noticed that a mole on my back had slightly changed and suggested that I get it checked. I took Donnas advice and booked in with my GP, I was referred to the dermatology department at the hospital where after consultation it was decided the best course of action was to have the lesion removed. The results of the biopsy were thankfully clear, however the consultant stated that if this had been left there was potential for it to become cancerous. This just shows the level of Donnas professionalism and how personalised her service is and the benefit of regular visits to the same therapist."

Gavin Nimbley

"I received an Indian Head Massage from Donna, I felt really relaxed throughout the treatment. Loved the smell of the aromatherapy oil she used and the aura chime was a lovely touch."

Eva B

"I enjoy my treatments with Donna. Having a back with aches and strains this was very relaxing, Donna is always attentive."

Pamela B

"During my sessions with Donna, I found her really professional and calming. I think she has a great touch and approach. Donna massaged certain areas of my body and I felt I benefited a lot especially as I run and attend fitness classes. One of the sessions I was suffering from a really bad congestion, that week Donna concentrated on my head and face which really helped my symptoms."

Sarah L

"I go to Donna at Kenilworth Massage Therapy for back, neck and head massages.  I suffer from tension in my neck & shoulders quite badly and have always found that the massage Donna provides is exactly the right technique I need to relieve the tension. I feel great afterwards and my shoulders & neck move more easily and freely and I have found that this feeling lasts for several days after.  Donna applies exactly the right pressure I need but always makes sure I am comfortable and not in any pain whilst performing the massage.  A 5 star rating from me and I would highly recommend her!"

Carol W

"Each treatment given by Donna has helped to increase my energy levels and has been a great source of stress relief. Reducing a huge amount of tension in my upper and lower back."

Tracey P

"Donna is amazing and her expertise is obvious. She was able to quickly identify and address all my concerns, and I came away already able to move more! Looking forward to my next treatment, highly recommended."

Cherie R

"Donna is amazing. No matter how much pain I have been in I always come away with increased mobility and if not pain free / most definitely decreased pain that within a few days is gone. I always feel completely at ease in her care/company. Being able to relax whilst having treatment is extremely important and Donna always makes sure her patients feel safe and comfortable. Her knowledge and skill is far superior to other massage therapists I have seen in the past and I cannot recommend her enough. Whether you need active treatment for pain or maintenance appointments to ensure you stay out of pain Donna is the best person to help you. In the weird post-covid-lockdown world we find ourselves in Donna takes your safety extremely seriously so you don’t need to worry or delay addressing your treatment needs any longer."

Amy H

" I have a very physical job as an Equine Musculoskeletal Therapist, which takes its toll on my body. A year and a half ago I was having major issues with my lower back , to the point I thought I might have to stop working.

An MRI confirmed 2 bulging discs which were impinging nerves and causing the pain. A chance meeting with Donna led me to having very regular massage sessions with her. Donna is very thorough and effective , listens to any concerns or issues. Even my horse benefits from Donna’s massage sessions as I feel so much better after them!

I truly believe without Donnas help my back pain would have deteriorated and I wouldn’t have been able to continue in my line of work. Thank you Donna , I do look forward to seeing you even if I occasionally swear at you!!!"

Georgie C



I enjoy my treatments with Donna. Having a back with aches and strains this was very relaxing, Donna is always attentive.” 


—  Pamela B